Mum devastated after eight out of 25 kids turn up to daughter’s birthday party


A mum was left heartbroken after only eight children turned up to her daughter’s birthday party – even though she sent out 25 invites.

The Australian woman had planned for her daughter’s entire class to come over to celebrate her little girl’s birthday.

But when the day came around, only a fifth of those invited made it.

Venting her frustration on Facebook, she slammed the parents of the children she invited for not even bothering to respond to the RSVP.

She fumed: “Only about 10 people RSVP’d, and then only eight kids turned up. Out of 25.”

The mum-of-two said the party was only an hour and a half long, the sun was shining and it was scheduled before the weekend sport, so she couldn’t understand why no-one bothered to turn up.

She also shared a snap of the unicorn birthday cake, which would end up going to waste, as she’d ordered it with an entire class of kids in mind.

“I just feel really disheartened, and next time will only invite a few close friends because honestly, it’s not worth the effort,” the mum added.

She asked Facebook users whether it was still the norm for people to RSVP to parties, and one person said it didn’t take much to just send over a quick message.

Another wrote: “It’s a hideous, widespread issue of rudeness. I’m at the point where I text the parents and remind them of the RSVP as I am catering and need to be sure there is enough food. It’s passive-aggressive but needs must.”

A few others defended the parents and said it’s easy to forget to RSVP.

One mum commented: “I work three jobs and am a single mum, I try to RSVP no to things but often if my brain processes ‘no I can’t fit that in’ I then immediately forget it to reallocate my brain space… not intentionally impolite, just trying to keep afloat.”

And someone else said that you’re less likely to get an RSVP if you’re sending out a mass invite, unless it’s an event like a wedding.