Bride can’t believe she got married with hair tie on wrist and pals said nothing


In our daily life, when getting ready and dressed many of us might pop a hair tie on our wrist – just in case, as you never know when you could need one.

It becomes a bit of an unconscious habit.

But if there’s one day when you don’t want to do this or forget that you’ve got one on, it’s your wedding day.

One bride has recently shared her embarrassment at doing just this when she got married.

Posting on TikTok, Simone Evans, shared a clip from her wedding footage, showing her preparing to walk down the aisle with her dad wearing a face-covering by her side.

Her video zooms in to show clear as day on her wrist as she carries her bouquet, a black hair tie.

The audio over the video says: “I just have one question… Who let me get married like this?

“Who let me walk out and get married with a hair tie on my wrist?”

More than 2.3 million people have watched Simone’s video so far, with it garnering over 252,000 likes.

Thousands also took the time to comment and share their thoughts – and many found it relatable and sympathised.

One person said: “Definitely me at my wedding.”

Another wrote: “NOOOOO I’ve just send this to my best friend with instructions lol.”

“Being a photographer who’s done countless weddings and portrait sessions, I am a seasoned professional hair tie wrist remover,” joked a third.

Someone else commented: “Spends $100 to get wedding updo. Still wears hair tie juuuuust in case.”

A different user replied: “I’ll be getting married with my Fitbit on. No way those steps won’t count.”

A sixth proclaimed: “Maid of Honour fail. Blame her.”