Mum makes her seven-year-old daughter pay bills to teach her the value of money


A mum has sparked a debate after she revealed how she teaches her daughter the value of money.

Felicia explained that she makes her seven-year-old little girl do chores to earn money so that she can pay her own bills every week, in a video that has been viewed 6.6 million times.

Sharing the parenting hack on TikTok, where she’s known as @feliciaraefarley, she said: “Every week my daughter has a list of chores.

“If those chores were completed daily she will get $7 at the end of the week.”

She is then required to pay her bills for living in the house, Felicia explained.

She said: “$1 for food, water, electricity, internet and rent – so in total, she pays $5 for bills.

“She has $2 leftover which she can keep and save or spend.”

Felicia then takes that $5, approximately £3.60, and puts it into a savings account for her daughter so that when she turns 18, she’ll know that she earned all of that money herself – and thus, know the value of money.

In another video, the mum laid out all of the different chores she sets for her daughter.

She explained that she searched for ‘age-appropriate chores’ on Pinterest and came across a list that included jobs like vacuuming, cleaning toilets, taking out the bins, meal prepping, making her bed every day and picking up after herself.

Felicia said she changes which chores she wants her daughter to do each week, and she also often turns them into games to make it more interesting.

Since being posted, the video has racked up 1.6 million likes and more than 10,000 comments from divided users.

Whilst some people loved the idea, others thought her little girl was “too young to be paying for a life she didn’t ask for”.

One person said: “I wish my job paid this much.”

Another wrote: “This is actually genius… I turn 18 March 1 and still know nothing about proper finances and have had to learn from minor mistakes.”

“We do this with my four-year-old and she bought her own pets. She has two mice and a bird that she cares for on her own,” said a third.

Whereas someone else put: “That’s cute and all, but your kids are way too young to be paying for a life that they didn’t ask for. You’re supposed to provide for your children.”

Another added: “Okay but that’s only $2,025 in 11 years IF she does her chores every day for 573 weeks straight. So in reality she is only gonna make less than 2K,” to which the mum replied, saying: “I’m sorry ‘ONLY’… I got nothing and never got taught about any of this. Glad I’m also raising GRATEFUL children.”