Chef says you should never heat wraps in microwave when cooking Mexican food


Fajitas are a simple yet tasty meal to enjoy with the family and cooking instructions that come with the kits usually instruct us to warm the tortilla wraps in the microwave.

Some people might prefer to place theirs in the oven to heat up, before eating.

But according to experts – both of these are a bad idea and something you should avoid doing.

Chef Edson Diaz-Fuentes recently told Delish that reheating tortillas in a microwave or oven is one of the most common mistakes people make.

Curious to find out more, we spoke to two other chefs to find out why this is and what people should be doing with wraps instead.

Chef Daniel Corrochio, of Mexican restaurant and cocktail bar Corrochios, explained that heating tortillas in the microwave is a bad idea as it causes them to harden.

He shared a better way to warm them, saying: “The microwave will make flour tortillas turn stiff quite fast.

“There is nothing better that heating a flour tortilla on a pan with a bit of butter.

“That itself was a snack when I was a kid.”

Author and chef Anjula Devi agreed, adding: “The best way to warm tortilla wraps is over an open flame.

“The problem with microwaving is you lose the moisture and texture.”

If you fancy giving this a go at home, experts advise warming the tortilla in a pan over a low heat, with some oil or a little butter.

Make sure not to leave it unattended so it doesn’t stick or burn. Instead, turn the wrap a few times while warming.

And if you want to be really authentic in your Mexican cooking, be sure to use corn tortillas instead of flour ones.