D.C. radio station issues correction to report regarding WFT investigation


More information has emerged as to the disputed report from 106.7 The Fan regarding the pending investigation into the culture at the Washington Football Team.

On Friday, the radio station reported that attorney Beth Wilkinson has recommended that Daniel Snyder be forced to sell the team. The NFL called the report “absolutely false,” explaining that the league has received “no such report” from Wilkinson.

On Monday, 106.7 The Fan issued the following correction: “On Friday morning, we reported on excerpts of a report prepared by the NFL’s independent investigator into the Washington Football Team, Beth Wilkinson. We believed, based on information provided to us by our source, that the report was final and had been delivered to the NFL League Office. The League has denied receiving a final report, however, both in a general statement and in response to specific questions from us. Based on those unequivocal denials, we now believe that our source was mistaken and that the excerpts of the report that were shared with us have not yet been sent to the NFL. We do believe in the authenticity of the documents we reviewed, and that they are from the Wilkinson investigation, but we are unable to confirm that the report was a final draft or that it had been delivered to the League Office. As soon as we are able to report anything further on this, we will let you know — both as to what occurred in our Friday report and regarding the Wilkinson investigation generally.”

Assuming that this correction is accurate, the question becomes how did the information from Wilkinson’s unfinished report make it to 106.7 The Fan? There are three possibilities: (1) someone from the outside stole or found the report; (2) someone from within Wilkinson’s firm stole or found the report and leaked it; or (3) Wilkinson and/or one of her assistants/associates deliberately leaked the information.

As to the third possibility, why would Wilkinson leak it? Common sense suggests, if she leaked it, that Wilkinson fears that the league office will brush the matter under the rug, and that a preemptive disclosure may keep that from occurring. Given Wilkinson’s past representation of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh, Wilkinson also could be attempting to avoid criticism from women’s rights groups as to her role in a potential whitewashing of the Washington investigation, which largely arises from allegations of misconduct against women. Obviously, her past representation of Kavanaugh would exacerbate any such complaints.

However the unfinished report made its way to 106.7 The Fan, there’s now reason to believe that the initial report was accurate but premature. Time will tell whether that’s the case. Regardless, this specific development makes full transparency as to the investigation, the findings, and the consequences even more important.